Homematic ip problem


i have a Question. When i write the SGTIN the System says Wron Pin, try it again.
I write the SGTIN with - without - with the last 4 numbers without it.
Can anyone Help.

Welcome to Forum Martin.
I just did the Homematic IP integration and it went without any problems. In the configuration window that appears, the SGTIN of the access point must be entered without hyphens (-) (a total of 24 characters !!) A name for the access point can also be entered here. If password protection is set up in the Homematic IP app, this must be entered under “Pin” I don’t have a pin query in the app, so I haven’t entered a “Pin” here. Next you will be asked to press the blue button at the access point and in HA you have to click the “send” button …

Good luck and have fun with Home Assistant

@Martin_Schuster : Did the hint by @VolkerKa work?

The dosumentation (HomematicIP Cloud - Home Assistant) says that we have to run a python script. But with that step I have problems, too. And the answer by @VolkerKa did not work as well.

Can anyone help?