Homematic IP Smoke Detectors HMIP-SWSD

Dear all,

I use the HMIP-RFUSB stick to run Raspberrymatic and the Local Homematic Integration to connect to three Homematic IP Smoke Detectors HMIP-SWSD.

Now all seems to be fine, but would like to receive a notification when an alarm occurs. The smoke detectors have two hidden entities, namely a control element “siren” and a sensor “smoke detector alarm”. Both are deactivated by default.

Is this normal? Should I try to activate the sensor? I am a bit careful as the devices are safety critical and use a non-replaceable 10 year battery. Might it happen that activating the sensor leads to status calls that drain the battery?


Should I provide further information? Is this the right forum section?

Anyv proposal where to ask this?

Turning on the sensors is not going to changer the battery use. The sensors are non now in my opinion. You are just ignoring therm if you don’t let the data come into HA.

HA is not controlling anything in the device, it is accepting (and/or rejecting) information already available.

I’m not an expert on these things, but what you describe are sensors, which do not do any control, only monitor stuff.

Thank you!

I’m still confused why the sensors are deactivated usually after device discovery. There must be a reason…