Homematic IP - Support device ELV-SH-WUA: Universal actor 1-ch relais and 0-10V / 1-10V analogue output

I would like to request / suggest device support for a new Homematic-IP device:

= Brief description of the device or service =

German company ELV, maker and owner of “Homematic IP”, recently released what they call a “universal actor”, prodcut code ELV-SH-WUA.

I am not sure why they market it as “ELV powered by Homematic IP”; it contains a regular HM-IP radio transceiver module.

The actor connects to 230V AC and features a 1 channel relais (230V AC out) as well as 0-10V and 1-10V analogue output.

I use it to control professional lighting constant-current LED drivers for my office, which have 1-10V analogue input. The controller may as well control any other device with an anlogue control input, e.g. heating or climate systems, motor drivers, etc.

The device is currently only available as a DIY kit from ELV shop but it is an easy build, just a few THT parts to be soldered to the mainboard and mounting in provided enclosure.

= Link to the provider or manufacturer’s product or service page =

Unfortunately not available in English, I’ll be happy to help translate if necessary.

= Link to the service or device’s API =

None. The device connects to CCU3 (v3.61.7 in my case) just fine (using HM-IP protocol) and can be controlled from there.

= Any other relevant information =

The device has three channels:

1 status dimmer / analogue output; percentage
2 dimming actor; on / off + percentage
5 weekly timer

If any additional information is needed, let me know how to get it from CCU3 or Homeassistant and I’ll happily provide it.

Thanks in advance!

Have a look at the new custom Homematic integration: https://github.com/danielperna84/custom_homematic

If the support for this device provided by the new integration out of the box is not suffcient, please open an issue in this repository: https://github.com/danielperna84/hahomematic

FYI: The internal HomeMatic integration of Home Assistant is not being worked on anymore.

Thanks for the swift reply. I’ll check out custom_homematic.