Homematic naming hassle

Hi all,

my CCU3 died a few days ago. So I ordered a HM-RFUSB and attached it to my Lenovo ThinCentre which is hosting my HomeAssistant instance. I installed the Raspberrymatic addon and the custom integration Homematic IP (local) like described in the docs and all works like a breeze. Better than the original CCU (more performant) and much cheaper.

Of course I did not have a backup of my CCU so I need to relearn all devices. That is no issue, as I was unhappy with my naming scheme anyways and this is a good opportunity to fix it.

Now my issue: When I add an device to the Homematic before I install the integration, I rename the devices in Homematic (first the device, then use the button to rename the channels), then install the integration, all the names are nice.

But when I now add ann additional device to the homematic, HA will always incorporate the serial number in the entity names - even when I renamed the device in Homematic before accepting it from the device inbox.

This can be fixed by deleting and reinstalling the whole integration - all devices and entities will then have the names I configured in Homematic.

I think the problem is that the integration initially discovers the device before I changed the name. Is there any way around this withour reinstalling the integration?

Have a look at this part of the documentation.

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Hey, thank you so much, I think Option 3 is exactly what I need.