Homematic OCCU GPIO Permission denied

Hi there. I’ve recently renewed my hassio and installed the Homematic OCCU Addon. I’ve also mounted the adapter on my raspberry pi 3 and now I am getting a message: “/run.sh: line 35: /sys/class/gpio/export: Permission denied” in the log of the Addon. Now when I am trying to do something like “sudo chmod -R 755 /sys/class/gpio”, then this appears: “read-only file system: /sys/class/gpio/export”. I don’t know why he can’t use the gpios properly. Some has an idea or had a similar problem?

I’ve also enabled “dtoverlay=pi3-miniuart-bt” and “enable_uart=1” in the config.txt on my boot partition.

got the same issue. help wanted.
how did you enable the two options? As it looks to me, the SD card has no more FAT partition for configuration (as it was in resin.os).

I just added these options to the config.txt. As written in the description of the new image, this is basically the new config file or at least as I understood it.

Hmmm…I´m not sure if I got right. Is it done by creating the FAT USB Stick named “CONFIG” and then putting the config.txt on it? Tried to mount the SD Card, but it seems EXT formatted (what I can´t mount). Also Installed SSH but it seems, that it can only access the container filesystem. Maybe you can help me out with some more info or provide a link to the current docs?

You just have to use etcher and the new 32-bit Raspberry 3 Version of the Image. But actually the same issue appears even when I use the Raspberry 2 and the Image for that. There is already a file called config.txt.

But even resinOS just says to enable it use “enable_uart=1”, so I don’t know how to enable the GPIOs properly.

How to set "dtoverlay=pi3-miniuart-bt” on RPi3

  • Copy “authorized_keys” via (FAT32 formatted, named “CONFIG”) USB stick.
    USB config can be imported via web interface -> hass.io -> system -> “Import from USB”
  • SSH to Host os via Port 22222 with user “root”
  • Edit config via
    vi /mnt/boot/config.txt
    add line “dtoverlay=pi3-miniuart-bt”
    add line enable_uart=1
    Unfortunately its not working afterwards

Fixed by updating on the newest version of the hass.io “0.76.0”.