Homematic, USB-Stick, Raspberry Pi, Google Home

Hello in forum

I want to buy and set up the Homematic system. I’ve already learned a bit and have a few questions, maybe someone is here and can answer me.

  1. From ELV there is a USB stick as a kit. Does someone have it in use and experience with it? I would connect it to an RPi if the power supply was not sufficient (original power supply is in use) I would connect an active USB hub. At the RPi already a Deconz module is attached.
  1. The “Homematic Addon” can be used for Homematic and Homematic IP devices, right?

  2. Can I include the “Homematic Add-on” in the Google Assistant?

Or is it generally better to use the Homematic IP Access Point?

For answers or tips, I would be grateful …


Hello there,
I am in the same situation (using deconz, want to integrate homematic devices) and would like to ask how your experience was/is with the homematic usb-stick?

Thanks for your help.

Hello diminn, I have not yet two devices, but I will opt for the Homematic IP Bridge, was already in other forums and have informed me. Currently there is also a good offer at Amazon.de