Homematic WGC Garage Switch


I have a Homametic WGC Garage Switch integrated. It works fine on the Homematic-IP APP and seems to be discovered in Home Assistant as i see :
von eQ-3
Firmware: 1.0.2

On the entities I only see the battery status!
How can I configue the switch itself on my lovelace interface ! or is this not supported yet ?

Thank you for your help

I am facing the same issue. Did you solve the issue?

Sorry, but obviously we are only the two of us using this device with home assistant :grin:

I have the same issue

Seems to work by now (HA 2022.10.1)

But the only thing that is strange is that the “switch” stays on when triggered from HA. Triggering via Homematic turns the switch off after a second, which is the intended behavior.
Looks like I need a additional automation to avoid having to click twice, right?