Homematic window sensor without CCU?

I have a homematic windows sensor (that currently connects to a direct receiver when my garage is open).
I want to integrate the sensor into HA, but without having to buy a CCU.

Is that possible?
I found there seems to be a module that can be plugged into the raspberry:

And there seems to be a repo for that. Did anyone try this yet? Does it work with homematic sensors?

Yes, with such a module you can teach Home Assistant to communicate with HomeMatic devices. Basically it’s like installing a CCU directly on your Home Assistant machine.
Be careful to chose the right module for your devices. The old wireless devices are different from the newer HomeMatic IP ones. Some modules support both variants, some do not. RPI-RF-MOD supports both. So that might be the better choice if you plan to use both types in the future.

Ok nice. Does the HmIP-RFUSB Stick also support old and new sensors? I assume I’m having the non-ip sensors at home.

It says HmIP right in its name. So no, it does not support the old devices.
It’s hard to tell what sensor you have when you don’t say what it’s name is. :wink:

I have the HM-Sec-Sco windows sensor.
So I need the HM-MOD-RPI-PCB? Do you know if it can be plugged into a pi4 without a problem (probably only my case would not fit then)?

Still I would prefer a USB version if that exists?

Here it says: Kompatibel mit Raspberry 2B, 3 und 3 Model B+
So no, that probably won’t work out of the box. But have a look at this site. There seem to be solutions for Pi4 users.
In general, this is all information you should be able to google yourself. Just give it a try. :wink: