Homeseer 200+

Is there a way to have home assistant go into Status mode when I trigger an LED?

I cant get it to work, but I have to manually turn it on in the Z-Wave properties.

Doesn’t change on it’s own.

What is ‘status mode’?
Does something change (state or stateattribute) when you trigger this LED?

It’s a mode where you can indicate what the leds do in automations.

So when my pool pump is active or my alarm is on by the back door I know to disable it before I walk out.

If you use the homeseer software it automatically changes. I was wondering if I’m missing something in home assistant automations.

I used services to call normal mode to status mode but it doesn’t change it.

You can access this in the Zwave configuration under the node area.

It might be a function that no one uses. You can use a service to change parameters on the fly for zwave. Seems like this is what you need. The service is set_config_parameter. Covered in these docs.

Maybe I have to try something else. I’ve called that service but it doesn’t change.

This is what I’m using under Actions. I also tried to call it under “Developer Tools” and it doesn’t seem to change it

node_id: 5
parameter: 13
value: Status Mode

I figured it out!!

It was the spelling. I was using the above, but you have to spell it exactly. So Status Mode is what I was using.

Status mode is what I needed to put.

LOL, Hope this helps someone else out.

Sorry, I didn’t see your replies. Glad you got it working. FYI, if you reply to the person and not the thread, the person will be notified, otherwise it goes unnoticed.