HomeSeer HS-WD100+ dimmer UI lag (instant status)

These Z-wave plus switches are well-regarded in the homeautomation subreddit and I’ve installed several in my home. They support “instant status,” so that when the the physical switch is pressed, the status of the light updates in near real time within home assistant.

However, while the light is responsively controlled from the HASS UI, I’ve found that its status often fails to update correctly, typically showing its previous state when changing brightness or turning on/off.


Others have suggested that this may be due to the light updating its status while it is still changing (these switches gradually dim on and off whenever adjusted). Is there any information for correctly configuring this or a workaround, or is this a known issue?

This issue is also touched on in this thread, but I figured here might be a more appropriate category.

I know this is like a year late. I have been battling this as well. A friend told me to remove all of my refresh parameters under the Zwave config and simply set the Zwave config parameter in the Homeseer Node below. That fixed the updating issue for me.


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Mine does not accept this setting, it automatically goes up to minimum of 80. I can get it to accept 30, but it makes no difference. These still do not function right in the UI, and automation show on when not on.

Do you know how to set this with zwave js config ?

Unfortunately, I do not. I’m sorry…:frowning: