HomeSeer HS-WX300-R2 z-wave s2 functionality\reliablity

Hello everyone, I am new to HA and home automation in general and I was looking at the HomeSeer wx300-r2 and was wondering both if there is a reason I don’t see a lot of people using it (recommending) and if there are any known compatibility issues as it looks like a nice full featured switch?

The reason I like the switch is that it has a lot of triggers you can setup and 7 leds you can use for status of other devices. If there is a switch that has the same features that is known to fully work HA please let me know.

I have several HS 200 dimmers and they work fine in HA, including using the 7 leds to indicate status of lights in different rooms. I assume that HS 300 will be as least as good as the 200.

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