HomeSeer joins Works with Home Assistant

HomeSeer is now a member of the Works with Home Assistant partner program and they are committed to ensuring that their Z-Wave smart products are up to date and ready to use in Home Assistant.

HomeSeer products are all Z-Wave Plus certified. Their smart dimmer/switches offer convenient RGB LEDs that may be programmed with automations to glow or blink 7 different colors when things happen in your home. The switches also support multi-tap actions for triggering automations and scenes.

HomeSeer offers an AC powered Z-Wave multi-sensor that also includes an RGB LED for status updates. Additional Z-Wave products include a motion sensor, leak sensor, door/window sensor, floodlight sensor, and motorized water valve.

HomeSeer Z-Wave devices work locally and integrate seamlessly with the Z-Wave integration in Home Assistant (Z-Wave interface required). As all connectivity is happening locally, status updates and control of your devices happen instantly in Home Assistant.

With automatic firmware updates via Home Assistant we will continue to provide the best user experience for their devices.

To learn more about HomeSeer products, have a look at their website.

PS: We’re actively working on easing the integration of the HomeSeer Z-NET G3 into Home Assistant

Learn more about the Works with Home Assistant partner program.

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Wow - can’t say I see this one coming. This is pretty interesting.

The Z-NET integration could be a great thing - pretty unique too. With zigbee we could do something similar for a while now, but there is not a lot of options for z-wave… Definitely a need for this.

How is this supposed to work for firmware updates? If you go to their support download page, you’ll find that almost all the device firmware for Z-Wave units available for download are all encrypted, and you need to purchase their special OTA tool for $30 in order to decrypt the firmware.

Does Home Assistant now support decrypting their firmware?

HomeSeer does not have a track record of being friendly to open source, the devices that I’ve purchased from them have failed at an alarming rate, and they lock down all updates behind a $30 paywall. Buyer beware.

I have been using this AC powered Z-wave sensor for ove 6 years and it is totally rock solid!! I love that HomeSeer is a Home Assistant Homie! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have had the opposite experience with homeseer. I don’t have a lot of their devices, but i have had some for quite a while and had no issues that I can recall. I really like the floodlights they make. They have motion sensors, measure light and the newer ones do temperature also.
Never needed any firmware updates as they do what they were advertised to, but maybe you’ll have access to them now.

To be fair the sensor was origanaly sold as “EZMultiPli Z-Wave Multi-Sensor” and launched to the public in 2014. The product was added to the HomeSeer portfolio at a much later time.

I have a few of them and I never have to monkey with them. Having the LED gives me the option to automate a visual alert for many things including troubleshooting motion triggered automations.

I’m still wondering if the automatic firmware update feature is available or is coming at all? The Homeseer integration even has a paragraph that says you can upload a file to update firmware. The HS-WX300 Dimmer/Switch released a new firmware update v1.13, which actually adds more functionality to the switches like LED Brightness Adjustment, which is a must have.

I see a Jasco switch on my network that has an automatic update notice in Home Assistant, but keep hoping each monthly release it will appear along side the update list as promised in this partnership announcement.

Both Z-Wave JS integration and Z-Wave JS to MQTT have the option to upload the firmware file, but I’m afraid to try this to avoid bricking the $60 switch, with the HS website download of the encrypted file which @luma has already described.

Hoping to hear some good news on this.