HomeSeer SmartStick+ Z-Wave USB


I am new to but have been dabbling in home automation for some time now. I thought that I would give a try and see how it works. I am using RPi3 with a HomeSeer SmartStick+ Z-Wave stick. I understand that the Aeon labs is the preferred vendor, but I figured I would try this as I have it laying around my house anyway.

I am having a really hard time getting the RPi to recognize the USB stick. When I try calling ls /dev/ttyACM* from the SSH I get an error. I called host hardware and noticed that there was a device on /dev/ttyACM1, so I put that in my configuration.ymal and everything worked fine; I added a handful of nodes and everything. This morning I relocated by RPi and now it is not recognizing the z-wave USB stick. Calling hardware host tells that the device is now on /dev/ttyACM0, but when I modify my configuration file all I get is errors when I boot hassio.

Any ideas what is going on here?

Thanks for the help

OK, I seem to have got it. I re-etched and now things seem to work. There must have been an issue with the first install.