Homeseer WD-200+ to Hassio

I have done some reading, but was not sure that folks were adding the Homeseer dimmer switch as noted in subject line as hassio versus hassbian. Looking at the docs, it seems there should be some sort of python integration which is not straight forward if using hassio versus hassbian. That said, it seems that folks have had success with adding this dimmer switch with full functionality including changing the RGB indicator lights, but not seeing how to do it myself.

Hopping some can share how they got this working step by step?

Anyone? Struggling with getting this operating it the way I’d like.

It’s a zwave device… you need a z-stick.

After you get a z-stick, the device specific information for setup is here. Also do searches on the forum for zwave + homeseer.

You need a z-stick even if you have a Smartthings hub that it connects to?

You cannot just take the open zwave config and go from there?

If you have intended to use a SmartThings Hub, you overlooked to mention it in your original post.

If the SmartThings Hub can control the WD-200+ then you can use the SmartThings integration to control it from Home Assistant.

Not if you were planning to use it with the SmartThings Hub.

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Yeah, my bad. I was only intending on using the ST hub for a few things and did not integrate this with it. That said, my preference is to have HA be my main for now and hence why I did not bring that up.

So in that case, with the open z-wave, what is the rule of thumb for that to get it to work? Do you need just the homeseer.xml or more?

For starters, you need what petro said, a z-wave controller:

Then you’ll want to review how to configure everything:

Yeah, right now your zwave controller is built into your smartthings hardware. It is not built into the raspberry pi or any other hardware. You’d need to get a separate chip, or a usb z-wave controller stick (Commonly called z-stick). I use the aeon labs aeotec z-stick. There are plenty others. Homeseer even has one. This is required and zwave will not work otherwise.