Homeseer WD100+ Dimmer

I have 2 Homeseer dimmers in my system and I read a few posts about issues with them. The function well but the “Instant Status” seems to not update correctly in the UI.

If I manually push the button for increasing the light or decreasing the UI doesn’t follow suite. Is there a fix for this?

Right now the latest fix for the button not holding on and off is using a delay. Apparently as it’s dimming it sends the status too fast? I hope I’m getting this right. Is there plans for a fix on this as well?

Currently it works, but when I select on it goes on, then off, then on again 2 seconds later.
When I turn the light off it goes off, turns on, then almost instantly turns off again.

               -Not the light, just the button (Which is fine but the delay option seems like a bandaid not a fix?)