Homeseer Z-Net

I am currently using Homeseer for my automation and I am looking to switch over to Home Assistant. My zwave network is using the homeseer z-net, am I able to use it with home assistant or do I have to buy a new zwave stick.

I think you would have to get a different z-wave stick. The z-net is very specific to HomeSeer.

Questions though. Why are you moving AWAY from HomeSeer? I’m interested because I’m about to purchase HS3 Pro and I would like your feedback.

For Zwave, homeseer is great, but they never add new products to it. It seems only the community adds new items like myq, kodi, alarms, etc and each plugin costs $30, so it can get expensive on top of the price you already paid for the software.

Yeah the plugins can get expensive. Here’s my current plan:

HS3 - z-wave master and Event engine. Will manage everything

Vera Plus - zigbee device controller, stable plugins I don’t want to pay for (Lutron Caseta, Philips Hue)

Home Assistant - media control and management of things neither HomeSeer or Vera can do.

I’m using HomeSeer as I think it was intended as a Manager of control systems and then using the underlying systems to their strengths.

I tried doing the same with Home Assistant being the Manager of systems and although I think in another year maybe sooner… but in time I think HA stands a chance to become the Manager of all systems. The automation engine and capabilities are there it just needs to stabilize and mature a bit more. The one major downside to HA is the z-wave and zigbee actual device control/integration. For a lot of devices it’s great, but it really can’t compete with HomeSeer or Vera even for device capability but vera makes a great z-wave controller for Home Assistant :slight_smile:

I am currently using the homeseer z-stick on my home assistant docker image. It works, I have not found anything that does not, but deleting nodes and adding nodes seems to be hit and miss.

Once you get everything connected, it seems to stabilize. But I had a terrible time moving from homeseer to home assistant. There is no “stick reset” button like other zwave controllers. But once you get through it seems to stabilize.

I have ran vera, homeseer, and now home assistant. I think home assistant has the greater long term potential, but there are pluses and minuses to each. I know you did not ask that, but Zwave is not 100% there on home assistant.

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Yeah, I think I might buy the Aeon Labs Gen5 zwave stick and move my zwave network over to that. That way I am able to switch between both home assistant and homeseer easily.

Did you head the opportunity to do it ?
if yes does it work correctly ?
did you had trouble ?

No, I am still on Homeseer. I have around 50 lights and 2 locks so I haven’t had the time to move everything over to a new zwave stick yet.

In HomeSeer you can go into the Z-Wave controller and delete/reset the controller.

I did that, but it seems to leave the ghost of the homeseer controller. HA shows another controller (dead) at ID 1 and I cannot delete it.

A HomeSeer Z-NET is little more than a Raspberry Pi with a GPIO-based Z-Wave Plus hat attached. It uses ser2net to convert the serial Z-Wave data-stream to IP. HomeSeer HS3 has code built in that will accept this feed, but HASS can also use it via socat. This comes in handy in scenarios that benefit from de-coupling the Z-Wave radio from the server, such as running HASS in a VM or when the ideal place for your Z-Wave radio is nowhere near the server.

And if anyone is interested, I have a few that I need to sell off. :grin:

You have tried a Pi with RaZberry card running ser2net and HASS can see and use a local /dev/ttyAMA0 created by socat? And would that be via OZW? Does the RaZberry have to be reset somehow?