Homewerks SmartVent Fan integration?

Hi. Rookie here trying to learn…
Is there a way for me to connect my smart bathroom fan to home assistant?
It is an alexa device and can be controlled via an app or through alexa.

Here is a link to the product page:

I don’t mind if the solution is integrating alexa into Home Assistant or if I have to develop a custom integration. I just need some guidance on where to start and hopefully some links to tutorials…


I was just looking for this myself - I could not find out much, its possible you could use the official integration with Alexa.

What is also possible, is that your device is actually a Tuya IOT device under the hood: Tuya - Home Assistant

If so, that integration may work.

There may be things out on github that work, and you may need to bring those into Home Assistant. I would start with Tuya first if you can.

I’ve got one of these also. Currently I use the homewerks skill in Alexa and then the HA Alexa integration to control that. Definitely not ideal and the light and fan periodically become unresponsive in Alexa. I also tried using an RF blaster to send commands to simulate the wall switch but they appear to use rolling codes. It seems like the speaker portion is separate from the light and fan as I never lose contact with the speaker in Alexa or HA.