Homewizard Energy P1 meter stopped working

Hi all, I had my HW P1 meter working fine for almost 1 year!! But… for some reason it stopped working. I tried to re-add the device in HA but when I give it (the correct) IP it comes with “unexpected error”.
If I use the API over HTTP (including the IP) it gives me the correct data. Also the APP on mobile works fine.
Anyone an idea where to look for the solution?


It is better to ask and look for these kinds of problems at GitHub :wink: . You can find that when clicking on ‘Known Issues’ at the HomeWizard integration page.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your integrations.

Anyway, this is a known issue. See Homewizard devices are randomly disappearing · Issue #87432 · home-assistant/core · GitHub. HomeWizard is working on a permanent fix, but in the meantime you can just turn off and turn back on your P1 meter.