HomeWizard Energy (Wi-Fi P1 meter, kWh meter, Energy Socket and Water Meter)

Thanks for the video! Is there anything to see in the system log (Configuration -> Log)?

Will try to troubleshoot this tomorrow. I think it should be an easy fix, i’ll keep you updated!

hi just looked into the logs, with a clear log and there is nothing popping up… keep me posted, looking forward to it.

Found it in const.py. Change the DOMAIN value to homewizard_energy. I think that will fix the issue. thanks for trying this component!

I’ve pushed the fix to Github.

Thanks a lot for this great addition to the P1 meter! A great product!
I added this to home assistant. And it works well. I only have 1 issue i cannot seems to solve.

Today i’m on a night tariff (weekend). But the Home assistant meter today show i’m using peak tariff. Where do he get the info from that it is using off peak or on peak? Is this info the meter provides, or is this coded somewhere?

Additions i like to have:

  • Gas meter (like in the app)
  • Changeable Costs per Kwh (Electricity)/m3 (gas) off peak/on peak and some visual meters to see it (like the app)
  • Yearly usage with a set start/reset date. To informative compare the energy bill. 2020, 2021, 2022, etc… Would also be a great addition to the app.

The integration exposes all data that is send from the energy meter. Its main value is the measured power consumption in watts. It is not dependent on peak/off-peak, I do not understand what you want to see. I’m planning to update the integration so these values are available directly without templates.

For now, to use the other values within the frontend (Lovelace), you have to create some template sensors (as shown in the example in the first post). By copy and change these you can add the gas meter. By updating the Utility Meter component (see same example), you can monitor your yearly usage.

The available datapoints are:


Just to be clear: The goal of this integration is to include the HomeWizard Energy products with API support into Home Assistant like any other integration. It is up to you to create your dashboard with these integrations within the frontend. Please check this awesome example if you want some inspiration. It also shows how you can create the costs monitoring.

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Thank you for trying to integrate Homewizard with home assistant.
Homewizard is functioning through the homewizard app.
Somehow, I cannot get it to work, although the integration itself is installed, and functional.
Logbook shows: 2020-11-07 21:08:28 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.sensor] homewizard_energy: Error on device update!

Your ip address check does not work ( 1. Enter the IP address of your dongle. (You can test if this is the correct IP by going to http://<ip_address>/api/v1/data in your browser. You should get a JSON response.) I get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

I think the problem is in connecting to the dongle somehow.
Any leads?

Just to be sure. Do you have setup problems with the HomeWizard Energy P1 meter, or are you referencing to the original ‘HomeWizard’?

I have problems with getting the Homewizard p1 meter to function through home assistant.

All right! Please check the following:

  • Please check if the light of the P1 meter is ‘fading’ green, indicating that is is online.
  • Check if the software of the P1 meter is at least 1.48 or higher (2.xx is also fine). You can see this in the HomeWizard Energy app > Gear icon > Meters > (your meter) > Software. If you are not sure, please send me a DM.
  • Try to ping the dongle. You should see a response such as “64 bytes from <ip_address>: icmp_seq=0 ttl=254 time=4.992 ms”.

Then try to restart you P1 meter (unplug all power sources). Then do the browser check again and, when successful, reconfigure the HASS integration. Can you please let me know if the restart was the solution (or not)?

Yes light is fading (and I can see up to date readings in the homewizard energy app).

Software version is indicated as 1.38. So that might be the problem. Could you tell me how to update the firmware? I cannot seem to find this on the homewizard website.

v1.38 has no API support, so there is the issue. Firmware updates should rollout automatically, please send a message to support. Send them the meter’s serial ID (can be found under the firmware version in the app). Ask them to perform the update manually.

It can have several reasons why your meter is not updated, they will try to figure it out.

Update available for this integration:

  • I am working to get this integration available in HACS. I’m now only waiting for a PR review.
  • Version 0.4 now has support for all entities available from the API, so you can use them without manually templating them in configuration.yaml.
  • Added icons and ‘unique_id’ to each entity, so you can modify names and icons as you wish.

Great! Thank you for all of your work. This integration is getting better by the day!

Hi Unsigus, I have a Homewizard p1 module up and running. I also add the "homewizard_energy" components. I used the latest version op the github 0.4. Problem I'm facing is that the homewizard integration is not shown in the configuration -> integration tab.

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  • What is the exact folder you put the component in?
  • ‘Did you try to turn it off and back on again?’ Did you restarted HASS?

Yes, reboot

Question, in one of the replies there was a video. Is it correct that the amount of file and directories differ from the 0.4 component github version?

2020-11-11_20-12-27 2020-11-11_20-15-32

Add the folder custom_components from Github at the same place where you can find ‘configuration.yaml’

Please see How to add community build component to home assistant

Hi Unsigus,

first of all thanks for the time and effort in this integration. The P1 homewizard is exactly what i needed for my config and home situation, your integration post pushed me over the edge to buy it!

Eveything is runnning nice and dandy, but i do think that i have found a bug. Within HA logs i’ve encountered:

it’s about line 79 api.py.

Running on Home assistant 0.117.2. I do not know if anyone else has this problem or its just specifically for me.

Keep up the good work!


Hi Bubba1,
Thanks for your feedback! Good to hear you like the product and the integration was helpful!

The bug you are mentioning is indeed something we need to solve (anyone here with know-how?). It should not be a big issue, but can cause some stability issues. Thanks for the heads-up!

In version 0.4.2 (pre-release), this issue should have been solved. ‘Works on my machine’. Can you also test this for me @Bubba1?

Hi Unsigus,

Just tested it out and the error has been resolved!

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