HomeWizard Energy (Wi-Fi P1 meter, kWh meter, Energy Socket and Water Meter)

Hi @devdems,

Let me first respond to your opinion about our helpdesk. I personally do not agree and I think they do a great job. Maybe you tried to contact them when it was busy so you had not the best experience, let’s see if they can fix that for you. Please PM me your e-mail you have used to contact support and I can see if I can give your ticket some more attention.

  1. This is the first time ever I hear about this behaviour and that should not happen. Could you share some information about your situation:
  • What is the current firmware of your P1 Meter?
  • What is the brand/model of your Wi-Fi access point/router?
  • Do you have configured anything special in your network, like a firewall or adblocker?
  • Any other details that may help?
    → Feel free to PM this to me, I will not support you via PM but you can keep things a bit more private, you can also send a message to HomeWizard support and refer back to this conversation.
  1. What kind of data do you wish to see? I think 99.99% of the users are happy with the provided sensors, but we can see if we can add some more.