Homey Smart Home Hub

Just found this

UK Launch for Homey Smart Home Hub With Z-Wave, ZigBee, WiFi, BLE, IR, 433 & 868 MHz


Looks interesting.


Looks like a 300 euro copy of HASS…?

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Yes its a lot.
But it does have a API and all of the remote services in it.

A bit like the Wink smart home Hub (USA) but a european hub.

Anyone using it? I am thinking about switching to Homey.

Previous I used Homey to control a lot of lights, stripes, sensors and door opener. Homey costs over 300€ — plus 5€ per month for a backup function. The hardware is beautifully designed but it comes with very basic software. The support is fast but I have to use third party plugins for everything: grouping lights or support for third party brands. This third party code is open source and people work in their free time. Of course this code isn’t included in Homeys warranty.

I think you need the same time to configure your smart home with home assistant as with Homey. But with home assistant there a much more updates, faster product development, bigger English speaking community and cheaper — I gave the money from Homey to the main developers of home assistant.
Last thing: now I support open software, an open community and have a lot of opportunities to get my home smarter.