HomGar RainPoint Rain Sensor

I bought a cheap rain gauge with RainPoint branding and, because the rest of RainPoint’s irrigation equipment is set up with Tuya devices, I imagined that this would be similar and I’d be able to get it through a TuyaLocal integration. However, neither its hub nor the rain gauge is picked up by Tuya app. The hub and rain gauge don’t even appear in the Tuya app and looking at the generic devices doesn’t help.

Any experience with this equipment? I’m assuming its a lost cause. Googling the model number and PCB text yields nothing…

Smart + High PrecisionRain Sensor Model No: HCS012 – RainPoint Irrigation (rainpointonline.com)

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Not yet, but a few brands of irrigation controller / sensors use HomGar now and there’s a few posts on it so I’m hoping that someone with the skills creates an integration soon.

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