Honeywell 8500 series door open/close sensor receiving/parsing

Hi all,

I recently completed a program that uses an RTL-SDR to receive door open/close signals from older Honeywell home security devices (mine are 5816). It posts any received messages to an MQTT server and I’m using the MQTT binary sensor to get the information into home assistant.

The code is posted here:

It has some rough edges – probably some I’m not even aware of yet – but I wanted to make the code available to this community which has done a collectively excellent job with the homeassistant platform.


Thanks! I inherited 30+ wireless Honeywell sensors that I decided to keep. I am running HA on a raspberry pi, bought an RTL SDR and have be completely lost. If I am to use the code your provided, where exactly do I add it? I went down an ssh rabbit hole and a few others. The latest ive noticed is I can add a GitHub url to HACS but that isn’t working either! Any help would be greatly appreciated

Sorry for the confusion! I’m not very familiar with the homeassistant internals and this isn’t set up to be installed automatically – it needs a lot of hand-holding to work properly. That is, you’ll need to clone it, install its dependencies, build it and do some set up manually.

I am running it outside of homeassistant on a separate raspberry pi. I’m not sure I’d recommend running this on the same pi as the homeassistant (but I don’t really know – this uses ~40% CPU pretty consistently and I don’t know what the homeassistant program needs). Wherever you want to run it, my hope was that the repository’s readme would give you enough information to at least build it.

30+ devices is quite a lot. I only have 4! If you get it working, I wonder if you’d be willing to share device IDs and device types. I suspect there is a relationship between the device ID and the device type, but it is hard to generalize from my 4 examples.

Thanks for the reply! I think I’m going to get a second pi to run it because I can find ways to set up RTL_433 from the pi command menu. When I run ssh on my current pi (with ha installed) I get to a different command menu where it seems I’m still in HA program. I’ll let you know how I make out. I’m obsessed with getting it to work at this point!