Honeywell home connect alarm, European website on

Loving so far and have created some wonderful automations, and with my smart meter I can see a real saving but, I’d love to be able to integrate my Honeywell Evohome alarm into my home assistant. Being a European user, the normal total connect website does not work for my alarm.
Now I do not know if the European website is set up the same but I can tell you the web address is
As I am not really a programmer and does not allow for tweaking (or I just don’t know how to) I am hoping someone will work with me to help me add my alarm to my build.


I would also love this integration!!

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Hmm, the website does let me log in with my evohome security credentials. In this document (from 2013) it is even stated that an API is available for your own customizations: (see page 3):
Total Connect 2.0E has an application programming interface (API) feature which enables integration with an existing application and full customization.

  • All Total Connect 2.0E functions can be integrated in another application
  • The client can use his/her own user interface and is not limited to the standard interface

Has anyone tried to contact the French customer support of Total Connect? My French isn’t that good… In any case, looks like we should be able to reverse-engineer the API from sniffing the traffic from/to this webpage?

Hi, I’d really like this but not got enough knowledge to know how to start. Really relying on someone else!

Found an even better entry point:
On page 90 Part-number TC20E-S suggests that you can buy the Total Connect 2.0E software including API Toolbox
It seems this catalogue and its product are not for end-consumers but only for authorized resellers - anyone want to give this a shot?


see WTH Is there no Honeywell home connect alarm, European website on integration - #3 by cavester
I created an account but no idea what to do next!