Honeywell Lyrc T6 with external temperature sensor

Hi folks,

I got a T6 Honeywell thermostat which works fine in HA to control temp in the livingroom. Love it!

What’s the best way to get it to work with an external sensor that I have in another room?

Goals would be to get that other room to the given temperature; what i’ve noticed is probably due to heat leaks, the other room is always much colder than the living room, where the T6 thermostat is located.


You could set up a generic thermostat template so you can define where the temperature values pull from and then configure it to otherwise pass-through your change commands to the actual T6.

For me I have temp and humidity sensors all around the house and a T6 as the central control and instead of worrying too much about if a room is different (which in my case they should be on different floors or in rooms with direct sunlight for example) I just have a control panel that shows every humidity sensor value, every temperature sensor value, every light level value, and then a min/max sensor for each to show me the average across the house.