Honeywell Lyric Alarm Total Connect Integration Issue

I am just getting started using Home Assistant and have tried using the Total Connect integration with my home security system. I followed the instructions and have the integration working but I am unable to get any of the sensors to update. It uses polling so I expected a delay but they are never getting updated. Is there some sort of integration level logging that happens to determine why this might be failing? I am not seeing anything in the log in the UI other than issues from when I was setting up the integration initially. Arming/Disarming is working correctly so I know something is working.

Has anyone been successful with this? I looked through a few posts here and on reddit and did not find much. It seems like the best solution is to use a HomePod and the HomeKit integration since I believe that is a push. I may have to go that route since I would really like to get the status of the sensors and the push will be even faster.