Honeywell lyric errors again

honeywell lyric thermostat stopped working again. so I updated HA to the latest and seeing this message now when I try to create a new integration with honeywell lyric.

{“code”:400, “message”:“The redirect URL provided does not match the redirect URL registered for the app.”}

Similarly, today I got the “Integration requires reconfiguration” notification. When I do that I get:

{“status”:401,“message”:“Error getting user devices: Unauthorized”,“type”:“internal”}

I’m on 2022.7.7 and don’t see any recent updates to the Lyric component, so seems to be an API issue

Same here. Hopefully this gets resolved quickly.

Same here!! When I use my Android app Resideo to access my thermostat I see a warning stating “Unplanned Partial Outage” “We are aware some of our customers are experiencing issues with our application. Your device can still be used directly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Working again for me this morning :+1:

it started working again, after I removed all the existing integrations with Lyric. and created a new app with new keys.

It now asks you to login to resideo account and link that way. I think the callback url isn’t needed anymore