Honeywell Lyric Leak Detectors

I have looked all over the forum for a solution but no one has seem to get this to work. Any way someone can figure out how to get the Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector to work with HA? It has a login account like the other Lyric products but not sure how to make it work.

Sounds like it can’t.

I read the TechHive article you posted, but this post by Honeywell about its API shows different information.

Hopefully someone can take the steps to implement this as it’s beyond my current skillset!

I have mine connected into HA through SmartThings, but it would be nice to have a direct connection for the leak detectors.

Yeah that is the way I have them but want to get rid of SmartThings altogether (POS) and add them directly to HA. Although they were free I am about to dump them and go with some other type of leak detector.

I figured that too, the work around is SmartThings and don’t want to go down that road trying to dump that thing.

I’m no developer but I’d really like to get this working. I have figured out how to get an Oauth2 token for access so far via curl. Still trying to figure out correct syntax to get actual data out of their API as all the queries keep saying “Unauthorized”. After signing up for a developer account, you can setup an app and that gets you a Consumer Key and a Consumer secret which you can use in place of “key” and “secret” below (ensure you add the : ):

curl -u "key:secret" --data 'grant_type=client_credentials' ''

Page for the api details: Honeywell Home Developer Site | APIs