Honeywell t6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat Room Temperature Card displays Celsius but setpoint is in Fahrenheit. It is set for Fahrenheit

I am using a new setup using ZwaveJS controller latest version. Any info appreciated. The card show 20.5F but it must be Celsius. I am using Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range GPIO Module ZAC93 LR

  1. Make sure configuration parameter “Temperature Scale” is set to “Fahrenheit”.
  2. If using Z-Wave JS UI, set your preferred temperature scale to F and refresh the temperature value.
  3. If not using Z-Wave JS UI, try executing this service call, which will force ZJS to request the temperature in F. This should persist.
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Thank you. I do not know what happened but now it is reading correctly after about an hour but I did raise the setpoint one degree. Then it starting reading OK.

That Celsius thing will happen every now and then until you set the preferred measurement systems as @freshcoast describes.

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Thank you…good to know. I am migrant from HE and really like HA btw. :grinning: