Honeywell thermostat help

Hi all, I have the following automation (basic, just testing)

- alias: 'Cooling on'  
    platform: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.humidity_158d0001a366d4
    above: 65
    - service: climate.set_temperature
        entity_id: climate.thermostat
        temperature: 70
        operation_mode: Cool

Here is my config for the thermostat (Honeywell RTH8580WF)

   - platform: honeywell
     username: [email protected]
     password: xxx
     scan_interval: 600
     region: us

And the output I get is the following when I manually trigger the automation:

2017-10-09 08:08:28 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.websocket_api] WS 140410829380800: Received {'type': 'call_service', 'domain': 'automation', 'service': 'trigger', 'service_data': {'entity_id': 'automation.cooling_on'}, 'id': 11}
2017-10-09 08:08:28 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Bus:Handling <Event call_service[L]: domain=automation, service=trigger, service_data=entity_id=automation.cooling_on, service_call_id=140411965113400-4>
2017-10-09 08:08:28 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.automation] Executing Cooling on
2017-10-09 08:08:28 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Bus:Handling <Event logbook_entry[L]: name=Cooling on, message=has been triggered, domain=automation, entity_id=automation.cooling_on>
2017-10-09 08:08:28 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.script] Script Cooling on: Running script
2017-10-09 08:08:28 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.script] Script Cooling on: Executing step call service
2017-10-09 08:08:28 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Bus:Handling <Event call_service[L]: domain=climate, service=set_temperature, service_data=entity_id=climate.thermostat, temperature=70, operation_mode=Cool, service_call_id=140411965113400-5>
2017-10-09 08:08:28 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Error doing job: Task exception was never retrieved
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/asyncio/", line 182, in _step
    result = coro.throw(exc)
  File "/usr/src/app/homeassistant/", line 1025, in _event_to_service_call
    yield from service_handler.func(service_call)
  File "/usr/src/app/homeassistant/components/climate/", line 331, in async_temperature_set_service
    yield from climate.async_set_temperature(**kwargs)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/asyncio/", line 332, in __iter__
    yield self  # This tells Task to wait for completion.
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/asyncio/", line 250, in _wakeup
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/asyncio/", line 245, in result
    raise self._exception
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/concurrent/futures/", line 56, in run
    result = self.fn(*self.args, **self.kwargs)
  File "/usr/src/app/homeassistant/components/climate/", line 285, in set_temperature
    if getattr(self._device, "hold_{}".format(mode)) is False:
AttributeError: 'Device' object has no attribute 'hold_off'

Obviously nothing changes on the thermostat, but can anyone assist with the error?

OK, so replying to my own thread. Through some trial and error, I’ve managed to do the following. I’ve set my thermostat to “cool” mode, and set the temperature to 99 Fahrenheit. This way, because the temperature is less, it won’t start the compressor. Then, using the automation below, I set it to 70 Fahrenheit when both temp sensors go above a certain humidity (tweaking with the temp/humidity combinations). I’ve also setup a “cooling off” where when the humidity goes below 71 it sets the thermostat back to 99 Fahrenheit.

Any advice on the error though? Ideally I’d like to keep my thermostat off, then trigger cooling or heating dependent on sensors/other data, but it seems it might not be possible with my thermostat?

I’ve changed my automation to the following after much hair pulling over the trigger functioning:

- alias: 'Cooling on'
    platform: state
    entity_id: sensor.humidity_158d0001a366d4
    condition: and
      - condition: numeric_state
        entity_id: 'sensor.humidity_158d0001a366d4'
        above: '71'        
      - condition: numeric_state
        entity_id: 'sensor.humidity_158d000171f3b2'
        above: '71'
    - service: climate.set_temperature
        entity_id: climate.thermostat
        temperature: 70
        operation_mode: cool