Honeywell thermostat integration - mixed results

Using this integration Honeywell Total Connect Comfort (US) - Home Assistant I’m getting mixed results

My install is rather large. It has six locations, each with a single thermostat.
The web page for the integration says " If your system is compatible with this integration, then you will be able access it via Honeywell Home - My Total Connect Comfort (note the /portal/ )."
Interestingly…when I log into that portal, I see two locations and their associated thermostats and then another location with the prompt to add a device.
Now when I load the integration into HA, I only see one of the thermostats from one location but none of the locations.
I’m guessing I have two problems. The code behind the HA integration maybe isn’t location aware and also maybe something is wrong with naming or something with this implementation that keeps the portal from functioning correctly.


I contacted Honeywell support. I’m caught up in their messiness. I have two different type of thermostats. Those compatible with the TCC App and those Compatible with the Honeywell Home App. Somehow they make it so that the TCC thermostats can work in the Honeywell Home App…but that support doesn’t convey to the portal. Stupid half supported solutions.

FYI, there’s a known bug with the 8.x version of HA which causes exactly this symptom; only one Honeywell thermostat shows up in HA. I posted about it here, among other places:

Need to be added with the lyric integration not tcc