Honeywell Thersmostat

I have a few Honeywell T6 pro Zwave thermostats that also report humidity levels. I’m currently using the SmartThings integration to bring these into Home Assistant, but I can only get them to display the temp. I see in develop tools it does show current humidity. Is their anyway to get this to show up in Lovelace? Will I have to directly import them in to Home Assistant and not have them go from smartthtings first? The do show humidity in Smarthtings so I’m not sure what might need to be configured,

T6 should work with the home kit integration. Look at the last 30 or so posts in this thread and you will find how to set it up.

I’ll take a look. I do have the home kit integrations. I checked quick and only saw temp displayed for those thermostats. My thermostats also have the humidly option too but I can get that to report as an entity or on the thermostat card. I was looking to have the relative humidly displays in Lovelace. this option does seem to populate in automations so it is available just cant see how to get it to show the humidity levels

Support for honeywell is spotty. You can try the lyric integration, just search in HACS for lyric or honeywell. I have a t9 that I have struggled with. That thread I’ve found to have the most info for t series thermostats.

having some issues. I have T6 Pro zwave thermostat and installed via the ZwaveJS installation with a Nortek Zwave stick. I was able to get it intalled but its not showing current temp. This status is Null… Also the response seems slow.??? anyone have the ideas?