Honeywell Total Connect alarm panel - how?

I am very confused in regards to setting up that Honeywell Total connect alarm panel.
following the instruction I can get the status of the alarm, but how do I arm and disarm it?

thanks for your help!


Same problem, anyone can help?

Yep, me too. I am a newbie to this, sorry! I added the component code, but am unable to arm/disarm the alarm…

Do you want to manually arm the system by pushing a button in the user interface, or via some automation?

In the user interface, click on the Total Connect icon, which will give you a pop up that has buttons for Arm Away and Arm Home, and if already armed then Disarm will be visible.

I haven’t tried automating the arm/disarm process yet.

Yes the buttons are visible, but nothing happen when im pressing it, the call servis is sended but the control panel is not gonna be arm or disarm. Sensor shows good the alarm position but i cant arm and disarm it

any news on this? same problem for me …the arm disarm button doesn’t work