Honeywell Total Connect Comfort (US)

looking for help installing the " Honeywell Total Connect Comfort (US)" integration. I have found the thermostat and the Config file has been created. I have added the called for lines to my HA config file but do not see the integration to install.

I believe you can only use config.yaml for honeywell total connect, and once it has been configured with your total connect username/password, etc. then reboot HA. HA should then install the necessary Python modules to support the honeywell climate platform. If you are looking for these modules, they will show up with the rest of Home Assistant’s python files under the ../homeassistant/components/honeywell directory.

I just noticed that HA now comes pre-loaded with most of the python component modules where you use them or not, so the honeywell directory will be there regardless of whether you have honeywell configured in your configuration.yaml or not.

And then, when you least expect it, MyTotalConnect will lock your account for too many API Calls or something stupid like that…and you won’t be able to get it back online.

We have 7 thermostats that just lost all HA automation capabilities because of this.

Interesting. I know Honeywell has some sort of rate limiting restriction. For me, setting scan_interval: 180 seems to work great. I have 3 thermostats. I wonder if HA makes a separate API call for each, meaning the more devices you have, the longer your scan_interval needs to be. What value are you using?

I have bumped up against the rate limiting a few times, but only when I was accessing my thermostats repeatedly through the app, while HA was also running. All it did was put a warning in the log, and when HA tried again later, everything was fine. In other words, no long-term lock out or anything.

i have that in the info in the Config file. I then used a WEB card to try and make the connection to Honeywell. I get a message that cookies are required and can not log in. Should be using a different card?

I guess I’m really unclear what the question is. Maybe go back to your other thread and review the questions I asked there. You don’t need a web card to go to the Honeywell site and check out your device name there. Just use any browser, like on your phone, tablet or laptop. HA doesn’t use the Honeywell web page itself, just the API.

You can check to see if HA is pulling the data from the API as I described in your other thread. There won’t be a separate integration listed on the Configuration / Integrations page. It’s built in.