Honeywell Tuxedo Home

I am attempting to get this integration work. I have a new folder that I created within custom_components called ‘tuxedo’. In that folder I have the, manifest.json and

Downloaded from (home-assistant/homeassistant/components/tuxedo at dev · hinzo/home-assistant · GitHub)

Within my configuration.yaml I have added the following lines with the appropriate data:

  - platform: tuxedo
    mac: 0xxxxxxxx
    url: https://1xxxxxxxx
    private_key: 4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx3
    code: xxxx'

I am getting the following error

[140563627163168] The system cannot restart because the configuration is not valid: Platform error alarm_control_panel.tuxedo - Integration ‘tuxedo’ not found.

11:37:39 AM – (ERROR) Home Assistant WebSocket API

Can someone please advise as to what I am doing wrong?

Thank you!

did you ever get this working?