Honeywell Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Dimmer Problems

Hello All

I am relatively new to HA. I migrated away from Smartthings. I have slowly brought all my devices over to HA. I am having issues with 2 Honeywell Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Dimmers. They both worked fine on Smartthings, but they are spotty on HA. They will turn on or off with no issues through the HA UI. They will also respond through NodeRed to on and off. When turned back on they return to the previous level. Setting levels in the UI is hit or miss. Sometimes setting the level and then turning on and off works. I have had no success in setting brightness in NodeRed. I verified my settings by testing them with a Smart bulb. Bulb worked fine Dimmer didn’t. Everything works properly at the physical switch. I am unsure of how to troubleshoot this problem.