Honeywell ZWave thermostat and HA2024.3.0

Before I upgraded to HA2024.3.0, I was reviewing the blog entry listing all the updates. In that process, I found a comment from a user (@lk229 ) who has a Honeywell ZWave thermostat. The user said that once he upgraded to HA2024.3.0, the thermostat stopped responding.

I have the same thermostat so I’m trying to get some advice before I upgrade. The link below is to his post.

Are you connected via hubitat or via the zwave integration? His experience sounds to be related to the hubitat integrstion.

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I myself use the ZWave integration. I don’t know what @lk229 uses. I didn’t want to upgrade HA until it looks like I could at least have a reasonable expectation that it’ll work.

If I were to upgrade only to find out it didn’t work, how difficult is it to revert HA using the backup?

Edit: I just re-read your response and noticed that you pointed out he said he’s using hubitat. I saw the issue with he same thermostat and alarm bells started going off in my head. I completely glazed over the hubitat comment.

FWIW, @jason0x43 has already updated the hubitat integration and my ZWave Honeywell T6 is fully working again.

No issues on my end with 2024.3.0. Thermostat connected through the Z-Wave JS integration.

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Yup, mine is fine too.

Thanks guys. I went ahead and updated to HA2024.3.0. A few days ago. It seems to be working fine.

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Do you guys have issues with the thermostat cycling on and off often to obsess over keeping a temp?

When I’m home during the day, I have it set with a 13 degree spread. Overnight and when I’m away, it’s set with a 22 degree spread.

There is thermostat configuration you can do to limit the cycles per hour. . It’s explained in the manual.