Hoping to get clarification about hs-ms100+ motion sensor in HA


Total HA newb here, just getting started, I’ve purchased a homeseer hs-ms100+ zwave motion sensor and am having some trouble understanding the behaviour I am seeing, hoping some more qualified folks can clarify.

First off, with the default parameters set on the device, I’m noticing it enters sleep mode quite quickly after first detecting motion. Default motion timeout is 600 seconds. I’ve gathered from the manual that this means it won’t clear motion status until that timeout is reached. What I am seeing is, the device goes to sleep and never awakens to send the clear status. It’s been an hour and it still has not cleared.

If i change the timeout to something like 10 seconds, the device stays awake and regularly detects motion, when the timeout is reached it clears fine.

My understanding is sleep mode is normal and desired for battery op hardware to prolong your battery life, I’m just not understanding why it essentially ceasing to function regarding motion detection unless I change timeout to a much lower value which seemingly keeps it awake.

is any of this behaviour “normal” for z-wave devices or just some weirdness with this particular detector in general?

For some added context, I’m on the latest version of HA, using HAOS with Zwave-JS. My zwave stick is the Aeotec ZSTICK 7 ZWA010-A.

Looks very similar to the Zooz ZOOZ ZSE18 S2 MOTION SENSOR – ZOOZ

I have a bunch of those and they work great. Have you tried contacting homeseer support?