Hoppe eHandle ConnectSense for Windows Experience

Hello all.
I wanted to share my experience with the window handle from Hoppe.

eHandle ConnectSense for Windows

I have been looking for a way to determine the position of the window handle, as a simple open/closed status of the window sash is not always sufficient for me.
Since I already operate > 50 Zwave devices anyway, I stumbled upon this handle by chance.

The quality is excellent. In my stainless steel variant, the workmanship and the material is simply top. So you do not build a China junk to the windows.
The mechanical installation was easy in my case, because I had previously installed window handles from Hoppe. To find the correct dimension, I have removed and measured an old one before ordering.

The integration in zwave-js is available in the current versiion. So an inclusion via SmartStart was no problem. However, I could not scan the code, but had to type it.
After that the handle reports the following values:
-window sash open/closed
-window tilted
-Intrusion attempt detected
-The handle position can be determined indirectly via the last action (manual lock/unlock is sent via notfication).

So far, all this works very reliably. I am very satisfied with this window handle, even if it is, depending on the variant, quite expensive (130-200€).I have now installed 7 pieces on the first floor.

Greetings Olli

Hi Olli,
thank you for sharing your experience which convinced me to write my first message.
I started with one piece to make sure that this device is reliable and can confirm a great experience.

I only use the built in “Home Security Sensor status”. Closed/open/tilted is detected by an automation script consuming the zwave_js_notification of command_class 113 and type 6 to make sure that I receive the status depending on the handle position without the window position itself. The reason is that I want to retrieve an open/tiltet status even if the window is leant to the frame.

To make sure that I only get the information that is needed I have optimized my dashboard to show an handle only if any of the following condition matches:

  • Security Sensor != ‘idle’
  • Handle is not closed

The card shows the following information:

  • First Icon: yellow if tilted, orange if open
  • Name: Window
  • Security Icon: yellow if window is not closed (and therefore the handle security sensor is inactive), green (closed and idle) or red flashing on intrusion (whole line is flashing)
  • Ventilation recommandation icon: green if humidity calculation makes sense, yellow if not and window is closed, red if not and window != closed
  • Status (Gekippt=tilted)


Hope that this is helpful for someone!