Horrible login experience

The login experience is horrible! There is no support for LastPass in the browser “popup” and even worse; when you switch away from the app to LastPass and come back again with the password copied out of LastPass; the popup is gone and you are left at the screen where you could manually input the password.

If you start by copying the password and then start the app you will find that the long-press-for-paste functionallity does not work in the browser popup.

So then I sit in front of my computer with LastPass open, and key in the password. Next up; two-factor login. Then I need to switch to my two factor app on my phone to get the code. And of course; the popup browser window disappears again…

So the only way to login is to change your password to something simple to avoid tiresome typing and disable two-factor login since there are no way to both get the code and keep the login screen open.

To sum up:

  • The login window should stay open after you switch from the app to another one
  • The login window and it’s textboxes should support normal long-press shortcuts such as paste
  • The login window should support the iOS password manager api like 99% of all other loginscreens in other apps
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Similar issues with 1password.

So should the desktop, it only seems to support the password field not the username.

The login page not supporting password manager autofill is a long standing Home Assistant frontend issue. It’s not the fault of the iOS app, nor something that can be fixed in the iOS app, as it’s simply displaying a web view there. That part has to be fixed in the frontend.

What you’re running into here though is an issue specific to the iOS 14 beta. It has a bug that causes the app to crash immediately after it’s backgrounded. And the app going into the background is obviously unavoidable when you’re leaving it to copy your 2FA token or password. This is why the login window doesn’t stay open when you return to the app, cause it crashed in the background. The issue is being tracked here.

Not being able to copy and paste is also a brand new iOS issue that only just recently happened. There is a clunky workaround for this which I’ve tested myself - the paste gesture (a 3 finger “pinch out” / expand) still works. You have to do that gesture right over the password field, so it might take a couple of tries but it beats typing out a random password manually.

Definitely agree it’s super frustrating, I ran into this myself and my password is ~60 characters long with tons of symbols. But that’s part of the territory when using unreleased beta software.

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Thank you Sean for a very through explanation with links. Impressive! It did not cross my mind that this was related to iOS 14 beta. Let’s hope it works again when the final release of iOS 14 is done :slight_smile: