Host setup Issue (Ubuntu - Intel NUC) - Network Setting

I have separately running docker based Home assistant setups:

  1. Raspberry Pi (running raspberry pi OS-Bookworm)
  2. Intel NUC (running Ubuntu 22.04)

Recently, while i deployed Wyoming protocol containers (i.e. whisper and Piper) and tried to add the same in Intel NUC server based home assistant. Didn’t work with the host machine’s IP. Note: These Wyoming protocol containers are hosted from Intel NUC.

However, same got successfully added with host machine’s IP(i.e. IP of Intel NUC’s wired connection) in my Raspberry PI server based home assistant.

Now, I suspect that it has something to do with network settings or DNS or something in my NUC based home assistant. Can anyone guide me where to look?

Both systems are only running locally till now… No external access is added yet… i.e. http only till now