Host system update

I am running the latest build of Home Assistant on a PI2 and the latest build of Hasio. I see in the Hassio system tab that the Host System would like to upgrade from 1.1 to 1.3.

What does this affect and should I do it?

I just did it. Ill let you know if there are any issues.

Thanks, I have samba, dasshio, mosquitto, ftp, ssh, dropbox and a few other addons. Don’t want another broken system.

Just did the update… now it won’t boot anymore! Anyone a solution to solve this? No network connection so can’t ssh to the pi…

@msmits2011 Mine did the same…:frowning: I just reinstall it from scratch and just restore latest snapshot. Matter of minutes and is back and running.
That Host systeme update is kind fo buggy I guess… Mine is on version 1.3, Latest version field is empty and Update button is still there… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I built a new card and installed snapshot. Once again snapshot failed me, it got the addons and did not restore the config files… Glad it was a new card. Snapshots are so hit and miss for me.

Hassio is frustrating, I thought it was supposed to be newbie friendly for people to use, but it’s just a never ending headache, Just when you think you get it all going, then BOOF How many times is Hassio going to break on us after an update! Can’t SSH into it either. Everything was fine, made backups etc but now can’t access the darn thing at all “again” :frowning: Using ethernet due to wireless being hit and miss but no. no go…locked out. Think it’s time to go back to Hassbian unless someone knows what caused this? Very rarley had an issue with Hassbian. I appreciate what you guys are doing, but having to keep re-flashing cards over and over just becomes tedious. My hair is all but gone now…lol. If your reading this and are new to Hassio, I highly recommend that you make snapshots and have an extra flash card with your freshly working Hassio image on it as you will at some point get completely locked out. Seems to be the nature of the beast!