Hosting HA

So, I have a proxmox server, running a few VMS.
I have HA installed using proxmox VE Helper-Scripts | Scripts for Streamlining Your Homelab with Proxmox VE

It is super flakey with unattended reboots.
Today, there were updates to my proxmox host, so apt update etc etc etc then reboot.
All my other VMs (that I have built myself) send a signal to qemu client in the VM to reboot, and they reboot cleanly.
HA reboots with an error “unable to start, dropping into recovery” (or something similar)
Then I dutifully open the console, hit reboot, and HA reboots cleanly.
As a sys admin, this is really boring :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the fix?
Do I completely ditch the idea of HA on a VM and buy a dedicated piece of hardware?
I’m a new HA user, have an HA that has zero config as I’ve just bought a new house, and I’m starting this from scratch (I haven’t even installed any devices yet ) so I don’t mind starting again.
But this flakiness has got to stop … maybe ditch the idea in favour of hubitat ?

I’ve been running HA in Proxmox for almost a year now without any unintentional reboots. I know there are plenty others running it this way without issues, so I don’t believe your experience is indicative of a systemic issue.

I’d suggest starting by re-creating the VM and seeing if you have the same issues.

it’s not an unintentional reboot.
it’s the inability to reboot cleanly from the proxmox host.

I have to reboot from inside the HA VM for it to be a clean reboot.

Misread on my part. Same sentiment though, I’ve had no issues with rebooting manually from the proxmox console nor with doing a node reboot in proxmox.

Been running HAOS on proxmox for over a year now, never had an issue. My server proxmox VM has not been restarted for 105 days and was only restarted then due to power outage. Can only suggest as other have that there is some problem with your VM.

same as above, never had issues with my HA VM under proxmox, and i restarted not much time ago (my HA says on April 22nd), so now the point is if last updates broke something and i’m waiting someone else to restart lol
for sure your issue is not something “structural” of HA on Proxmox, i assume this is clear also for you…