Hostname after restoring

Just a question if this is a bug or as it should.

I’m using HAOS on Raspberry PI. When doing a fresh install and directly restoring a backup the hostname is not changed back, it’s still “homeassistant” in the network settings.

But… The Home Assistant URL definitions in the network settings are restored to its old values.

I can understand the thinking of keeping the hostname as “homeassistant” so that the installer just need to refresh the page while everything is restored, but then he/she will need to change that (and maybe reboot) for every other clients to be up and running. This also effects other remote access configurations like tailscale.

My suggestion would be that also the ha hostname is included in a backup and restored, this way all the clients will run as normal after a restore

Yes I know, the clients could have used IP addresses instead of hostnames and domains, but that also have it’s disadvantages like when the DHCP host is replaced etc