Hostname wrongly changed, homeassistant broken :'(


This morning as I wanted to update the core & co, there was a new panel where you can update the hostname. It was named “homeassistant”, and I automatically updated it to its subdomain name “”. Now I guess the hostname was the local network hostname because nothing works anymore…
I still have access to the files via smb, but no access at all to the interface via internal IP or domain or ssh.
Any idea on how I could solve that?

Changing the hostname should not affect the ip address.

Yes I know, but I don’t know why I could not access it anymore. Now it seems to solve by itself: could access the internal ip, after a while the host panel showed again, so I changed it back; now I wait for the Host to restart

Edit: Now it works, but thanks for having taken the time to analyse my issue ! :slight_smile: