Hot tub temperature as a function of weather forecast

Wondering if anyone has looked at setting their hot tub temperature relative to upcoming weather. I believe commercial buildings do something similar and can forecast a hot or cool day and pre-condition the space a little.
An example in my hot tub use case.
On a cooler, windy, and cloudy day spring day…something like 98 might be the right temp.
On a sunny and hot day…something like 95 or 96 might be comfortable.
In the winter, there might be conditions that take thinks between 99 and 101.
I know they’re only a few degrees in each direction, but it takes the hot tub hours to adjust that much.
Also understand that moving the temperature up and down wastes a little energy, but this is for enjoyment…and sweating in a too hot tub isn’t enjoyable.

First of all you need a reliably forecast, if you have that, the rest is simple.