Hot Water - Target Time

Hi all,

I currently have a non-Tasmota Sonoff basic running my hot water cylinder (supply to the pump so don’t panic about load). I have the Sonoff inching function set so the basic turns on for an hour and then off so this means of course an hour before we need hot water I have to turn the relay on. This can be annoying if for example I’m up earlier one morning than the rest of the week so schedule doesn’t work.

What I’d like to do within the UI is have a field whereby I manually input a “target time” for my hot water so that HA switches the basic on an hour before my target time. I’d like some scheduling capability also if I’m not asking too much. The end goal would be able to say to Google “Get the hot water ready for 5am” but baby steps here…

Please all note at this stage I currently DO NOT have HA running, I’m doing research on topics I’m interested in, watching videos (lots) and compiling what I believe to be the best way forward before I make any purchases. So I’d be happy at this stage if someone could just let me know if this is achievable preferably in the Lovelace UI and without requiring too much coding input (real novice)

Thanks in advance guys


the coding isn’t done the UI. the UI is just a display frontend for your HA instance.

All the coding will be done in yaml text files or possibly through the automation configurator. But I’m not sure if the configurator can do the type of coding required to do what you want. So you may have to code it manually anyway.

There’s the rub. If you don’t know anything about coding then anything like this will be daunting for you at first.

It’s hard to know exactly what your skill level really is so it’s hard to say what your definition of “too much” is.

Thanks finity, I’m planning a install and looking at staying within the configurator for now. Understand Lovelace is just the UI, I was hoping someone may have done something similar

There are plenty of threads where people ask “how do I turn X on Y minutes before Z” which are answered with lots of ideas.