Hourly gas consumption statistics since the new Energy board

I’ve seen several topics related to gas/energy consumption but most of this is done before the energy board was visible.

This is specifically related to gas consumption using a P1 reader (Slimmelezer+).
The relatively new Energy board from Home Assistant already calculates the gas consumption per hour in the long term statistics as I can see it on my energy dashboard.
However, I cannot use this information in a statistics graph.

For energy/power consumption the P1 meter already supplies the sensors for this but for Gas it isn’t.
It seems that the energy board in HA automatically calculates the hourly consumption based on the total values.
Can I use this date on other locations somehow?

Of course I can create a new utility sensor but it seems to me that this will only store duplicate data as this is effectively already stored.

For info, what I am trying to do is as follows:
I have temperature sensors both outside and inside and want to create a correlation between the gas consumption, the thermostat setting and the outside temperature.
This way I can try to find the optimal thermostat routine :slight_smile:

Any suggestions are very welcome!


I’ve the same question.

We probably are wondering the same: How To Get Homewizard Gas Per Hour