House Heating

Hi, Really newbie here. I’ve done some programming before, but it was nearly 40 years ago so it does not actually help here

I have six electric concrete floor heating cables and they all have individual thermostat.
They are now connected to Shelly pro 4 PM and Shelly 1PM and thermostats connected to Shelly AddOn. They works fine with Shellys own app, but i would like to have control them in HA.
I only want to control temperatures with scedule like
22:00-07:00 23C
07:00-22:00 21C
22:00-07:00 23C
07:00-22:00 21C

All areas have different timings, like bathroom, sauna, kitchen etc.

Any blueprint or nodered i can use?

There is a simple scheduler addon that is perfect for this.