How access to operation system Linux?

When I switch on my rassberry, the system ask me the login. The only user accepted is ‘root’ and I cannot access to the operation system to set some program, like Remmite Desktop or other. I gave oinly the prompt with ha>.
Thank you

HassOS is a very limited operating system, it has what it needs to run HomeAssistant and that is about it.

If you want access at the OS level, you may want to look at the alternate installation methods. Notably the options listed under linux on the page linked below.

I do a lot of shell operations on most of my unix-based systems, so I understand the desire - however, I’ve found that the limited HA operating system is just fine. Sort of like when you are used to working on Windows and switch to Mac, you just have to find new ways to do things. The Remote Desktop and shell access can be achieved using various add-ons, and you can still do pretty complex bash scripting as needed. I like the self-contained nature of the HA system, so I’ve never seen the need to move to Docker or Supervisor. I think it depends on what you want to do and how complex that thing is - chances are that it is very possible in what you have without changing things.